Roselovers meet at St Williams Catholic Church

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Please bring a plate for afternoon tea.

Schedule for 2023

January 2023 no Meeting

February 4th Meeting  Lumina Project Brisbane Botanic Gardens  John Keays

March  The 4th Combined with Stafford Garden Club.

             Sue Keays on Rose growing techniques and judging roses

April The 1st April   Preparation for Plant and Floral Spectacular  Barbara Beerling

                                                 Cuttings and Potting Demonstartion

Site Visit 6th April  Brisbane Botanic Gardens Barbara's Breakfast and visit to Lookout and Bonsia Garden.

May  The 6th May  Organic Extra Talk  Fertilisers

June The 3rd June John and Sue Keays visit to NSW Southern Highlands 5 Open Gardens

July The 1st July Orchid Growing Speaker from West Brisbane Orchid Society

August   The 5th August   SOWN and environmental isses in Enogerra Creek 

September The 3rd September Bonsia Bimer Society.

October The 1st October  Martin Lack Palms

November The 4th November 

Bernard Keays on Community Gardens on the Sunshine Coast.   New position as Community Garden Officer Sunshine Coast.  Bernard is still handling supply of gum leafs to Australia Zoo.

23th November 2022: 

Luncheon for Christmas at Everton Park  11:30  for Noon luncheon 23th November 2023 last Thursday of the month.

December 2023: the 9th December 

Barbara Beerling will do her special Christmas quiz using photos taken around her garden.

Normal Meeting  Secret Santa.  Round table session.