A gardening club for those that love roses.  

Come smell the roses.   Moving to Everton Park Library

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                                                            THE ROSELOVERS

                                             A Social Garden Club for ALL Gardeners

                                             Guest speakers on a wide variety of garden topics

                                             Interaction with other garden clubs


                                                            Seeking members

                                             Fee is a Gold Coin for one year’s membership

Details to follow.

The aim of the Roselovers Garden Club is to extend knowledge, to promote and to encourage various aspects of rose growing and gardening.  Come to our monthly meeting to interact with passionate rose enthusiasts.

On the first Saturday afternoon of the month the club invites guest speakers to talk on a rose or garden related subject. The Monthly Meeting is followed by an afternoon tea where issues of the day are discussed in an open and friendly environment.   Bus trips are held three times a year as a Saturday day out for Roselovers Members.  Friendship day is run once a year so that associated clubs can share gardening tips.  Pruning day in June is an essential activity in the rose garden.  Come and see how it is done as a practical hands on session.

Membership is easy. 

The organization provides a range of gardening services.  This is a small friendly garden club. See us on Facebook

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