Our Hard Working Committee.

Executive Arm


The Executive Arm of Roselovers


Typical Meeting

Current Committee members are

President: Ted O'Donnell phone 3263 9140. mob 0408 752 769

Secretary Sue Keays phone 33668842.

Treasurer Karalyn Buetel 0407 624 879.

Membership Vicky Delacour phone 0447 447 985.

Bus Coordinator Jan Weis phone 3200 0041.

Friendship Day Muriel Graham 3369 5997.

Speaker Coordinator John Hunter phone 3353 3995.

Afternoon Tea Roster Graham Fresser 32615854

Web designer/ Vice President John Keays 33668842.

Committee meetings: Saturday at 12:30 pm prior to the monthly meeting.


Tasks are handed out during the committee meeting and are followed up by action at a later date.  Tasks include the Minutes of Meetings, correspondence, Treasurers report, Bus coordination and event planning.  Money raising events such as friendship day and sausage sizzles are planned and authorised at the meetings.


Roselovers is a non-profit organisation that is required to present an annual report of activities and financial transactions at the annual general meeting. The committee finishes business sharply at 1:30pm prior to the 2:00 pm start to the monthly meeting.  There is an Annual AGM in August.  I new committee including the president and secretary are elected at this meeting