Roselovers meet at St Williams Catholic Church 

23th November 2022: 

Luncheon for Christmas at Everton Park  11:30  for Noon luncheon 23th November 2023 last Thursday of the month. 20 attended

December 2023: the 9th December 

Barbara Beerling will do her special Christmas quiz using photos taken around her garden.

Normal Meeting  Secret Santa.  Round table session. 

Others Events.

Everton Park Library 

To Roseovers

Great to have 20 people to the Everton Park Breakup luncheon. I was amazed at the turnout and the feeling that the club should continue.

President Ted o"Donnell has come out of his cancer scare for the third time.

Great to see Ted in high spirits. Barbara Beerling is working out her quick quiz for December 9th 2023 Meeting at St Williams. Hope to see you there

Sue and I went to the new Everton Park Library after the luncheon. It is located on Old Northern Road just near the turn off to Brookside. The contract to complete the library around early 2024 has not been cut from the BCC budget. Perhaps some installation costs will be reviewed. This means that the Library will be in operation in the first quarter of 2024.

We changed the Saturday booking to 1 pm to 4pm so we can have our meeting 1:30 pm to 3:30pm. Library staff welcomed us to have a regular meeting on the first Saturday each month. The room hire is free for Not For Profit groups and we represent a target group for the Library. The room has an overhead projector system and afternoon tea facilities so we can get all kinds of speakers.

All organized for 2024

Cheers John Keays