New Farm Park (Google Map)

Brisbane City Council own and manage New Farm Park just a little downstream from the Brisbane City heart.  You can drive to the park, bicycle or catch the bus from the Valley or you can travel to the park using  the CityCat.  The renovated Powerhouse precinct contains live theatres and restaurants right next to New Farm Park.  You can visit both precincts at the one visit. The area has been inundated by the big floods of Brisbane.  After the 2011 floods, gates were added at the catchment outlet into the Brisbane River to prevent/reduce flooding in New Farm.  The park is well patronised and there is a health budget for works inside of BCC.  Over 18 thousand visitors per week use the facilities in the park for recreational use such as barbecues, lunches, weddings and family picnics.  A kids playground includes very old Moreton Bay Figs that are a great trees to climb.  The car parks in the Park are often full.  On the riverside of the park is the Sandakan Memorial and a Rotary Army Memorial.  View the detailed pictures of New Farm Park

The Brisbane Rose Garden

The park has been known as the Premier Rose Garden of Brisbane.  The rose beds in full bloom have been a awesome sight. The Park has been the home of Brisbane Heritage Roses.  We want to get the roses back to the previous glory days.  If we look at Australian Rose Gardens of Note then one thing stands out.  All the well connected rose gardens have help from volunteers.  Old Parliament House Gardens in Canberra has 70 active members of the Friend of Old Parliament House.  Werribee Rose Garden in Victoria has an active Friends Group and has support from the Local Council, The large nurseries like Treloars and the fertiliser suppliers such as Neutrog.  The State Rose Garden in Toowoomba has the support of the Toowoomba Regional Council, the rose societies(QRS, HRIA, DDRS) and the Friends of Newtown Park Society.  To get a garden of excellence you need a combination of Local Government Support, an active Volunteer's organisation and active support form the National and State Rose societies.  The Adelaide Botanic Gardens, the Mornington Peninsular Rose Garden and the Morwell Memorial Rose Garden all have a separate volunteers group.

Current Arrangement

BCC manage and maintain the Park.  If you want to get married in the Park or book part of the park for a party then you need to contact Park Management. Functions require a permit.  No Friends of New Farm Park exists as of August 2018.  What is proposed here has not been approved by BCC.

Proposed Friends of the Rose Garden August 2018

The first requirement is support from the local authority and the local gardeners at New Farm Park.  Typically there will be a pruning day in July where the BCC gardeners instruct the volunteers on rose pruning.  Queensland Rose Society used to have a pruning day at New Farm but lately the support has not been available.  Secondly we need a local person to own the project and to run the volunteers.  The organisation needs a secretary and treasurer and a board of control. There is a significant population surrounding New Farm Park and we believe that there is somebody in the district that will take up the challenge.  Then there is support from Queensland Rose Society and the Heritage Rose Society to provide additional expertise to BCC to provide the technical knowledge about the roses.  That support is now available.

New Farm Park Volunteers' Support Group

Register to be a volunteer.  To date no scheme has been proposed to provide financial support.  This web page has been installed as part of the roselovers web site. At the moment if you can indicate that you support the idea fill out email form and send it to Roselovers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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