Leonie and Terry Kearney at Rosevale Homestead

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Leonie Kearney Heritage Roses

Leonie Kearney is a wealth of information when it comes to growing heritage roses in subtropical climates and her breathtakingly beautiful garden showcases some of the best varieties for our climate.

Leonie “I've always been interested in old abandoned homesteads and gardens and when I was a child I loved to look over the fence or go into old gardens and it always fascinated me to find a rose there that had survived and grown and been abandoned and to find it still surviving in that garden after 20 or 30 years. I felt that if that rose could grow there, I could grow it in my garden as well.”

Leonie has been an active member of Heritage Rose in Australia If you want heritage roses that grow in Brisbane this is the place to go. Allow an hour or two to wander around the Homestead.


Leonie and Terry Kearney

922 Mt Samson Road in Samsonvale Qld 4520.

Drive to Samford and Mt Samson Road ends at Dayboro. Open Saturday morning  but phone first. 

Allow 10 minutes travel on Samford Road from Samford

Phone 07 3289 9250

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Web Site https://rosevalehomestead.com.au/

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