In the Rose Garden

Come and see the experts prune a rose bush.

Pruning day is run on 30 june 2019 so that members can be trained in the current rose pruning practices.

Ted Hayes place at 125-137 Hawkins Drive, Jimboomba...  plenty of parking

pruning day at Paul Hains

Tony Stallwood Pruning Demo

Roselovers Association Inc. is involved with the broader rose community that runs a pruning day around July.  Professional rose growers explain how to prune and maintain rose by pruning roses at a private residence in SE Queensland.   One of the best days of the year.  See a great garden,  relax in the sun and talk to the friendly rosarians.  How good is that?  For several year Swains Nurseries from Sydney flew a horticultural to Brisbane, but now Paul Hains (President of QRS) and Tony Stallwood (Past President of QRS) take up the pruning secateurs.

Rose Societies

The Queensland Rose Society, the Darling Down Rose Society and the Gold Coast Rose society are invited to participate. The venue and organisation is rotated between the associated rose clubs.  The various rose societies work as one.

The Day Out

The day consists of a morning tea and a rose pruning demonstration at a significant rose garden of one of the members of the participating clubs. Lunch is provided at a nominal cost and appropriate raffles run to raise money for the club that is designated as the organiser of the pruning day.  Starts around 10 am completed by 3 pm.  Usually members car pool as the venues are all over South East Queensland.