Roselovers meet at St Williams Catholic Church

Monthly meeting of Roselovers

The monthly meetings are run on the first Saturday of the month except for January and December.  The December meeting maybe changed to suit the parish requirements and maybe a week later.

Committee Meeting

The committee meeting is run from 12:30 to 1:30 pm sharp so that the full meeting can commence at 2 pm.  Speakers can set up products and presentations from about 1:30 pm.  The Church Community centre is opened at around 12:00 noon.

Donations and Raffles

At the front desk a designated member of Roselovers collects the $2 donation towards the cost of the afternoon tea and also hands out a lucky door prize ticket when the member signs in.  Raffle tickets are sold prior to the guest speaker's talk as a separate cost.  Raffle prizes are drawn after the guest speaker's talk and before afternoon tea.  Typically 3 tickets cost $5.  The meetings are subsidised to encourage attendance.  Roselovers generates income from plant stores on friend ship day and from the occasional sausage sizzle.  The club aims for a yearly balanced budget.


There is usually a guest speaker talking about gardening related subjects.  Mostly aimed at rose growing and general gardening techniques.  Often commercial garden suppliers will launch new gardening products.  Members often talk about travelling to other gardens. Previous topics include bee keeping, gardening tools, fertilisers, floral arranging, rose conferences, recycling and water management.  Occasionally the meeting is run as an open forum so that our experts can share gardening experiences.

Afternoon Teas

Members are invited to volunteer for the afternoon tea roster so that the work load is shared around.  Anyone can nominate to be a cook or a shopper for the afternoon teas.  Afternoon tea is a selection of food including sponge cakes, biscuits, jam tarts, dips, chocolate cakes, nuts, carrot sticks and anything home made. Afternoon teas are prepared in the kitchen prior to the meeting. The afternoon tea roster members are recompensed for any reasonable outlays for the afternoon tea and drinks.

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Subject to change without notice