Treloar Roses Victoria


 Treloar Roses from Victoria are one of the leading growers of Roses in Australia.  They have gone through the effort of importing European, South African and American roses to Australia and act as a wholesaler to many retail rose nurseries around Australia.  Often retailers supply roses with the Treloar name tag included.  Treloar' Roses have been at the forefront of trialling new roses in Australia and this guarantees that the roses will survive.  See the trial gardens in South Australia for details or the Werribee Garden in Victoria.  Ask for the catalogue or use the mail order catalogue list.

Roses are a beautiful addition to your garden and generally they are easy care, but they do need a little attention from time to time and a bit of help to get established in the first two seasons. Once established roses can grow for a long time with minimal care.

Great rose catalogue comes out each year for the real rose entusiast. 

Wholesale plant nursery in Bolwarra, Victoria
Address: 216 Princes Hwy, Portland VIC 3305 
Phone: 1300 044 852