Sharing the Knowledge

Member Forums

Members of Roselovers freely offer experiences including successes and failures about gardening issues.  Networking at afternoon tea allows knowledge to be transferred informally between members.  Typically gardening activities are taken up later in life and this is the case for many members of Roselovers. Friendship through gardening is often an unwritten theme.  The club is aimed at members who enjoy a slow walks in an open gardens or public gardens and these activities of the club encourages the love of being outdoors. There is also a pastoral care going on informally as the members interact.



Who are the Experts?

Barbara Beerling is our resident horticulturalist and gardening advisor.  She runs lessons on rose and vegetables and has become famous with her quizzes on fruits and vegetables.  The National Rose Society of Australia has recognize Barbara as one of the most knowledgeable person of the nursery industry.  Roselovers started when she was working for Perrott’s nursery in 1995 and ran a gardening club as part of the method for encouraging plant sales.   She later moved to Nova Gardens before it closed down.  She is employed by some of the members in their private gardens.  You can meet up with Barbara informally at the Roselovers monthly meetings. She loves gardening.

Ron Mandla has also presented gardening tips and advice during the monthly meetings.  Many years ago we visited Ron’s large garden at Samford. Mulch is supplied to his place in truck loads as compared to the normal bags of mulch.

Roselovers was formed officially in 2002.