Time to meet up with other garden clubs.

Time to share the gardening knowledge.

Time to share plants. 

Friendship Table of flowers

On the Day

Roselovers Association Inc runs a friendship day once a year and invites local garden clubs to participate in a monthly meeting that includes the buying and selling of plants and roses.  Garden Clubs that have similar aims to Roselovers are invited to the annual Friendship Day. Each visitor gets a small present on entry to the hall. The speakers is organised to present a suitable topic for garden club members.

Changes to Normal Monthly Meeting Format

The friendship day is run as a monthly meeting with the following changes.
A plant store is organised by Barbara Beerling and proceeds from the sale of donated plants is donated to an agreed charity.
No committee meeting is held prior to the meeting and announcements of current activities is minimal.

Last Year 2017

At the October 2017 friendship day twenty visitors were welcomed. Muriel Graham has been organising activities for friendship days. The hat competition was well received.  The policeman from Ferny Grove gave a great talk on home security and electronic fraud.

Last Year 2018 

This year we have Shirley Dance as Guest speaker on Rose Growing. Over 10 have accepted to come fro neighbouring clubs.  We have the plant stall.  Bring your own plate and plants.  See brochure for 2018.