CARG Concerned Ashgrove Residents. 

Ashgrove Sports Ground tree and historical pathway photo 2020 

The winding path along Enogerra Creek  The Historical Path

The historical markes found on the concrete pathway.. The Markers

The Trees next in the vicinity of the pathway.  Aboretum of Trees

The trees near the roadways of Ashgrove Sports Ground The Club Bowls Trees

Wide angle shots of the ovals The Ovals as multiple photos.

Trees in the Marist Flats area Flats Trees

Bernards leaf sample Leaf near Bowls and Oval 3

Sams Food for Elaine food

Photo Downloads Details collected i 2019

Ashgrove Parking

Ashgrove Lights

Ashgrove Stage 1 Contract lights

Zillmere Lights AFL Sports Oval

Ashgrove Bowls 50th Anniversary Brochure

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