Graham Fresser is our new Librarian. Phone 3261 5854 

He is recovering the books from Marion Mundy from Tambourine.


Storage of Library: 

The books, magazines, brochures and electronic media are stored in the cupboard near the front door

Donations: Donation of any material is most welcome provided there is space in the cupboard.

Purchasing: The committee can from time to time purchase new library material if it has some value to the Roselovers members.

Lions Garage Sale:  Each year the Lions club of Ashgrove the Gap run a garage sale and several books have been acquired at bargain prices from the garage sale.  Old rose books have value as gardening methods have not changed drastically in the last 50 years.

Reimbursement: Roselovers committee may reimburse members for books contributed to the Roselovers library

Items Include

Hard Covered old rose books and books of a historical gardening nature
Newsletters from other rose societies
The Australian Rose annuals
Some multimedia books and videos on pruning and budding techniques

Loan Rights of members

Member’s rights: Roselovers’ members can borrow up to 10 books or the equivalent of 10 books or magazines or media products from the Roselovers’ library. All books remain the property of Roselovers Association Inc.
Returns: All library material should be signed for and returned within six months.  There has been a habit of borrowing books and not returning them.  Roselovers is loath to enforcing restrictions and is loathed to try to recover costs of loss of material.  Please abide by these guidelines.