Membership Costs.

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Monthly meeting costs

There is a sign on book for members and a subscription of $2 collected on entry.  Sign on is a legal requirement in case of an insurance claim.  The monthly meeting includes an afternoon tea and a cup of coffee or tea.  Members eat the home made snacks, packet biscuits, cakes, dips and maybe chocolate brownies after the talk.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are $15 per person or $20 per family.  Annual membership runs from the 1st July of each calendar year.  Payment of the annual fee between January and June lasts until the 1st July of the following year.  A reminder is sent out around June so that all members should be financial by the August AGM meeting.  Non-financial members are barred from voting at the elections held at the AGM.  Membership application     Special $2 annual fee for 2020 since many meetings were cancelled.   Back to normal in 2021.



Sponsorship of the club is often via product placement from bona-fide gardening suppliers.  Products are normally assessed by members informally and often recommendation and comments are made at the monthly meeting.  Previously companies  like Neutrog, Qld Organics, Rocky Point Mulch, Theo's Nursery and Cut Above have supplied product that the club uses in generating income through its raffles.  The club does handout membership list to commercial organisation as it would be a breach of privacy.   If there is a breach of the privacy of the membership list please report it immediately  to the Roselovers' Committee.


The speaker program includes some form of payment or gift for presentations.  Typically costs including travel to and from the venue are paid.  Some speakers offer free talks provided they can sell product at the meeting.  The club does not expect to get commission from the sale of products at the monthly meeting.  Media appearance payments are not likely to be paid.

Bus trip

Bus trips are all run on a separate account run by the bus coordinator.  All the transaction are in cash prior to the bus trip.