Typical presentation arrangement.

 Photo Friendship Day 2017

Friendship Day Roselovers

Guidelines for speakers

Speaker Notes

These guideline notes are intended to help speakers prepare for a forty five minute presentation at St Williams Community Hall. The speakers program includes some form of payment or gift for presentations. Typically the costs include travel to and from the venue. Some speakers offer a free talk on the basis of selling product at the meeting.  The club does not expect commission for sales of product. Media type speaker fees cannot be paid.

Room Size

The room has the capacity for about 100 seated as a presentation room. The attendance at Roselovers meeting is about 30 to 50 members so the hall is half filled with less than 60 seats. The other half of the room is available for demonstration and for afternoon tea so the chairs remain in place for the whole meeting. There is a reasonably sized kitchen area including a sink that can be used during presentations.

Table Displays

There is a side table next to the projector system and that is big enough for a collection of plants.  There is room at the back of the hall for sale of products.  There is an access ramp into the hall.  The room has about eight of the newer plastic bench tops that can be spread around the room.  The committee has two tables at the front of the presentation area and a side table for raffle prizes

PA System and Computer

There is a complete sound system. The Audio system has two microphones and is integrated with the Computer and media facilities. The system can be used with the lectern or as a standalone microphone system. Some speakers prefer not to use the audio system. If you bring a laptop it can be connected to the projector using the older 25 pin system for video and a audio cable for sound. There is a windows computer that will take USB PowerPoint presentations. Please check your IT arrangements with Roselovers before the presentation. The Catholic Church has a link into the Catholic internet system but we cannot access the internet on Saturdays.  There is a CD that can be connected. If you bring your laptop, you can use your mobile phone connection to the internet. Appropriate IT staff may not be available as we have had difficulty getting sound to work through the CD and computer systems. Just check on arrival.


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