Roselovers meet at St Williams Catholic Church

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Schedule for 2022

January 2022 no Meeting

February 5th no Meeting Cancelled COVID

March  The 5th March Earthlife Rock Minerals  Cancelled Floods

April The 2nd April   John Hunter has details...  At Last

Earthlife Rock Minerals

Colin Purnell talks about  the action of trace minerals in the development of Garden fertilisers.  "The beginning of Earthlife in 1996 was for me, a culmination of a lifelong passion for the land and soil improvement that started from my childhood growing up on a dairy farm. "

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 May  The 7th May TBC  To Be Confirmed

June The 4th June TBC  To Be Confirmed

July The 2nd July TBC  To Be Confirmed

August   The 6th August TBC  To Be Confirmed

September The 3rd September TBC  To Be Confirmed

October The 1st October TBC  To Be Confirmed

November The 5th November TBC  To Be Confirmed

November 2021: The 16th November Wednesday

Luncheon for Christmas at Everton Park  11:30  for Noon luncheon 

 December 2021: the 10th December TBC  To Be Confirmed

 Normal Meeting  Barbara Quick Quiz and Secret Santa.  Round table session. 

 Bus Trip

Not Planned

Contact Jan for details.